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One of our services is interior and exterior remodeling. Much of our work comes from customers who just cannot afford a new home, or just want to make some changes to an existing home. This is where we come in.

Most homeowners want an energy-efficient home, but realize when they bought an existing home that it is not meeting their expectations. New windows, new insulation, new interior generally will make a huge difference in the efficiency of an existing home, and to make these changes are a lot less of an investment than a new home.

We work on many remodels every year, and we only use Andersen or Marvin Windows for our clients, unless they specify something else. We will not put our customer’s project in jeopardy by using cheap windows, as this is where the majority of heat loss in a home occurs after completion. Remodeling is a process that can be a bit testing for any homeowner. Let us ease the burden for you!

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Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Sometimes all a home needs is a little change. A new kitchen or bath is usually it! We have custom designers, and custom suppliers to buy from and we install ourselves. We can even procure from one of our Montana craftsmen, who makes gorgeous custom cabinetry, or we can use whatever you like. Same on the bath, we can customize it, or just give it a once over and modernize it for you. Sometimes, that ’70s deep green just needs to be updated!

Roof Repairs

Got an old roof? Got leaks? Got hail damage? Insurance claim? WE DO IT ALL. When we install a new roof, we include 2 rows of ice and water shield protection at every eave side, regardless if it is inspected in the city, or outside the city limits. We include the best venting for your roof, and the best roofing options. We do not use “department home store” roofing. What they sell, even though they won’t tell you, is a different grade of roofing that is not rated for state code of 90 PPH wind rating. Our is. We have several brands and dozens of colors to choose from. We also haul away all materials and are diligent on clean-up after we are done.

 General Home Repairs

Indoor home repairs help to keep your home highly functioning during any season. From plumbing issues to electrical problems to cosmetic fixes, we conduct a wide-array of indoor home repairs.