We Excel At a Lost Art

Believe it or not, deck building is a lost art. With the codes becoming so stringent on the construction of decks, many builders have lost the knowledge of how a deck should be constructed to be safe enough for a large weight load. Decks are a part of the home that people entertain on and grill, or just watch the sun set, and generally gather a large amount of weight due to many people being outside at the same time.

Not building a deck to code is one thing: DANGEROUS! People die every year due to failures in the construction of exterior decks! Lawsuits are the result, not to mention the loss of a loved one. We are experts in the code! We are experts in the right way to build a lifelong, lasting deck! Our decks prices are often more costly than our competitors due to the fact that we build them right. We do not accept failure, and neither should you.

Be aware! Be safe! Be involved! And most of all, BE CAREFUL! Hiring a builder who does not adhere to the strict deck building code will cost you … might not be now, but certainly down the road you will have failure of a poorly built deck!


Materials We Use

We use treated dimensional lumber for framing close to the ground for rot protection. We use either treated, cedar or manufactured composite decking boards. This gives you a wide variety of costs, but you can compare the differences and see for yourself if you want a maintenance free system or one that you can stain it yourself. We also use a variety of handrails to choose from, the same as the decking materials, but we also have an aluminum and steel rail system that works amazingly well. We have samples we can show you. Just let us know what your wishes are, we will make them come true! After all, you don’t come to your cabin in Montana to work, do you?

R E L A X . . . Let us do the work for you.


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