Not Your Typical Contractors

As much as we hate to admit it, there is a stereotype in our industry:  Contractors are bearded, wear flannel shirts, smoke cigarettes, and throw butts all over the site, etc. We bucked that stereotype from day one!  When you hire Montana Legacy Contracting, you are not getting the typical construction workers.

All of our crew members are required to be clean, neat and presentable, to any and all clients. Setting an example of this is important to us. We want you to be comfortable and accepting of our workers, and if they show up smoking, cussing and looking like they just got out of prison, we don’t see that as possible. All of our crew members are pre-screened and interview by Dan Richter himself.

Once passed the initial stage of an interview, they are drug screened, and background checked. Any sign of problems, they are not hired, NO EXCEPTIONS! This does make our pool of workers a lot smaller than all of our compeditors, but you deserve a crew that takes pride in their work and are proud of themselves and their work.

Unofficial supervisors  Sunny (left) and her daughter, Stella

Our foremen are trained and experienced in all phases of construction. No one is given a task they cannot complete unless they are trained to do so. Our laborers are also trained in the same fashion. If you see any of our crew act inappropriately, we will take action immediately!

We want you to be comfortable with our workers, and we want you to have trust and faith in them. That is why we are so stringent on having the best labor force. Not to mention, we pay higher than any other builder for their services. When you find a good employee, you want to keep them, right?