Built to Last the Long Term


Montana Legacy Builders has built over 500 garages since our inception in 1996. There is no style of garage we have not built, PERIOD! This experience should give you the peace of mind you need when choosing who to build your garage.

We design all of our garages, shops and outbuildings to last the long term. We build them to the same code requirements as our homes. Many of our competitors do the opposite; they build for price and not longevity and you get to pay when they do this. Because we build stick-by-stick on site, we can build our garages, shops and outbuildings to last by utilizing onsite culling methods. So you only get the best materials. Any inferior or crooked materials are discarded. Our competitors do not do this; they build with what they are given. You deserve better!

Many people do not care about a garage’s quality. They say, “It’s just a garage! It does not need to be perfect.” Not to us here at Montana Legacy Builders! We consider them just as important to be built to code, and so should you! Believe it or not, it’s a state requirement that they are, in fact, built to code. It’s your investment, make it last.

Our garages, shops and outbuildings are finish ready. We install house wrap on the walls, and ice and water shield on the roof along with roof venting. No need to modify when the time comes to finish the interior; it’s ready to go! This service is standard on all our projects. Our competitors will charge you more. 


Let us show you why in person. Let’s take a tour of our work, and our competitors work; you can judge for yourself. View our photo gallery of garages on this page, and see if you find a design you like. If not, we can surely design one for you, it’s a free service we provide our customers.

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