Top 10 Home Building Questions

Most of our clients have a lot of questions about the home building and remodeling/repair process. To start serving you with the professionalism and integrity for which we are noted, we have gathered together the top 10 most asked questions.

  1. Are you licensed and insured?

    Yes and no. Montana does not require a “license.” The state does require a “Contruction Contractor” registration certificate, which we have, along with a “Independent Contractor Exemption” Certificate. We also have a General Liability Insurance Policy. If a contractor says they are licensed, they are lying. There is no such thing here, although there should be, like other states. Be aware of the difference.

  2. Do you require down payments?

    Depends on the project. As long as you can verify funds, small projects are not required to have a down payment. For larger projects, we require either a bank as a lender or use an abstract company to distribute funds. This protects both our interests.

  3. How do you like to get paid for the job(s)?

    Progress only. We do not accept money for work not done. This way you know you are getting your money’s worth.

  4. Do you subcontract your labor?

    Yes and no. Most of our jobs are done by our crew. Sometimes we subcontract things like roofing and siding just to keep things moving along, but since we build one project at a time this is usually not the case.

  5. What if I want to be my own general contractor? Will you just do labor?

    ABSOLUTELY! We have been working with do-it-yourself contractors for years now. You can even use our sub contractors. If it’s just a labor price you need, we can work with you. But keep in mind the challenges that come with being your own general contractor; there are many.

  6. Do you meet code requirements for all your work?

    We not only meet code requirements, we insist on them for any work that we perform.

  7. What is your warranty/guarantee?

    We offer a 2-year workmanship warranty and a lifetime structural warranty on all our projects. We guarantee your satisfaction or you don’t pay.

  8. Who will be supervising the job?

    Owner Dan Richter will be on site and working closely with you to ensure that project goals are met on-time, at the highest quality, and to code.

  9. Do you have testimonials from former customers?

    You bet! And they are happy to share their stories. Read them here.

  10. What are the qualifications and certifications held by Montana Legacy Builders?

    We have 33 years of experience, with 24 years in business as a contractor. Additional certifications include: Certified International Code Inspector, Certified FLIR infrared technician, and Certified Building Analyst from the Building Performance Institute.