Diversity in Design & Purpose

Many of our clients are “out of towners” who want to build on a lake lot or in the beautiful woods that we offer here in Montana. Most of these clients cannot be around during the building process, and this is where we come in.

Working with every type of customer has given us the diversity needed to work with folks from all over the country! From year-round usage to seasonal and easy to shut down for the winter cabins, we can suit your needs.

We have mastered the process of communication via phone or internet with our customers. You don’t have to be there for the entire process from start to completion. We can keep you informed daily by emails with photographs of every stage of the build so you know exactly what is going on. We regularly give daily briefs to our customers. That way, you can make changes if needed.

We have build dozens of different styles of cabins – from a mountain chalet overlooking a breathtaking view to a one-room hunting camp way in the back country. We even build off grid cabins and are fully capable of building in hard to reach areas. Don’t be afraid to ask us what we can do or where we can do it! 

You come to the northwest to relax … let’s design something that fits your needs and will put you at ease while you sip your early morning coffee, or while you enjoy some of nature’s bird calls on the lake by the campfire.

Choose one of our many existing designs as shown in the cabin photo gallery on this page, or bring yours!


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