Quality is in Our Blood

Founded in 1996, Montana Legacy Builders was started by Dan Richter. Raised in the north woods of Minnesota, Dan grew up learning the ways of the Minnesotan way of life, living off, and with nature. An avid outdoorsman, Dan learned from his father Ron, how to respect nature, heed its lessons,  and never take it for granted. When most people would not have a care in the world about the environment, Dan took the time to protect his surroundings, and respect the nature that shares it. Ron taught his children things that make a difference in his kids lives …  to work hard for everything you want, never take anything or anyone for granted and always be your own man, never relying on someone else to do it for you!

This is how Dan became a better builder for his customers, and a better steward of the natural surroundings. Learning his trade from his father (Richter and Sons Construction), and being a second generation builder, has given Dan the tools needed to be a quality builder.

Montana Legacy Builders has a reputation for being one of the best builders in Montana. Customers often become close friends and close confidantes. If you were to ask around, you will be hard pressed to find anything negative about Montana Legacy Builders’ work, and their practices. Having Dan Richter as your Montana builder will ensure you that you will have the highest quality building and the security of knowing you are in good hands.

Starting at the tender age of 13, Dan went from broom pusher to full fledged foreman by the age of 18. He then split off and went to work for other builders, learning their ways along the road. At the age of 26, Dan started Montana Legacy Builders and has never looked back. Dan married his wife, Karen, and is the proud father of two girls, Katie and Sarah. When he’s not working, Dan enjoys hunting, fishing, biking, golfing and everything outdoors. 

Customer Reviews

Dan is the best! Totally honest with us from the beginning, did everything he said he would and did not give us a surprise bill at closing. He started building our home in Clancy in December, and we moved in March 1. Less than 3 months to build our modest home. Dan was very professional in every way and ran the smoothest construction project we have ever seen. Every person involved was there on time, and no excuses made. Its been 7 years since and we have had ZERO problems with our home. We love it! Since he built for us we have become great friends and still converse on a regular basis. Good luck finding that from anyone around here after they get their final payment! Highly recommend!

B. Viets, Clancy, MT

Dan was terrific! We bought a cabin in Outing MN, and it needed a new roof. Once Dan met with us, he gave us a fair price to replace the roofing. Dan then noticed that our south wall was rotten from a badly installed roof line dripping water into the wall. He fixed that for nothing more that material costs! His work is top notch and I won’t call anyone else, no matter what the cost. He even calls regularly just to catch up and make sure everything he did is still in order, how many builders do that? Thanks a ton Dan!

Les R., El Dorado, Iowa

Dan took the time to look at our project, even though we thought it was not possible. We had a situation where we needed to get a variance from the county and we knew it was an uphill battle. Thanks to Dan’s expertise, he went to the meeting himself, represented us and got the variance! He built us a beautiful living quarters for our guests above our existing garage that has worked out better than I ever hoped. He will get my recommendation anytime! You wont be sorry you hired Dan Richter!

John H., Bloomington, MN



My husband and I had a real tight budget. We were sure we could not build with the current prices we were getting from every builder we talked to. I decided to give Dan a try, and we could not be happier! Not only did he work with our budget, he designed our house around it and gave us everything we wanted within the budget. In fact, we had enough to add a garage where the other builders could not even come close. I think Dan cares more about his profession than his wallet! If we ever build again, Dan will be the guy for us. Not to mention, still friends with him today!

Beverly V., Grass Valley, CA

Dan built our garage/cabin a few years ago. He did everything he said he would, and in fact, gave us a refund! He said he thought he made a mistake when he bid it, but a refund? Even though we agreed to the terms of the project and still hired him because he was priced where we needed to be, he still gave us a refund. I would have never thought anyone would do that, now that is honesty! Not to mention a great guy that does great work!

Paul V., Moose Lake, MN