It’s not what we build, it’s how we build.


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You could say we have a reputation for quality building practices, whether it be our ultra energy efficiency, our top of the line craftsmanship, or our attention to detail. We do not just preach it, we prove it! But do not take our word for it, our work and our past customers speak for us!

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Hiring a builder based on price alone will put you at risk for a low-quality, inefficient, unsightly home. We explain everything in detail, so you know what you are paying for. And we figure in many factors that other builders don’t, so there are NO SURPRISES!

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built to code


At Montana Legacy Builders, we are proven leaders in the building industry due to our attention to the building codes that most other builders ignore. As a builder, it is our responsibility to know the codes and implement them. They are necessary for longevity, energy efficiency, quality, and health of the occupants. 

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Learning the trade from his father and being a second generation builder has given Dan the tools needed to be a trusted builder.

Our Principles

  • You are spending hard-earned money
  • You deserve a relationship that goes beyond “status quo”
  • Montana Legacy is a trusted building partner
  • We build dreams, one project at a time

A better builder for you … 

Dan Richter learned  his trade from his father. He taught Dan to work hard for everything you want, never take anything or anyone for granted, and always be your own man, never relying on someone else to do it for you!

This background taught Dan how to be a better builder for his customers, and a better steward of the natural surroundings. 

Our Work

Customer Reviews

We are industry leaders. We will get the job done right.

We do not want to be another number in the bid process. We want to be your builder, not another builder. When you go into this process with the frame of mind that “cheaper is better,” you have already set yourself up for problems. Building anything, whether it be a new home or a garage project, should be about you and your needs, not a builders price.

We build only one project at a time. Many large builders in the area have many projects on the books being constructed at the same time. This takes away from you and your building project; we won’t do that to you! We build yours, then the next one, with no overlapping with strained crews that cannot keep up to the load. If we do not have time to do your building project, we ask you to wait until we can do it, or we refer you to a builder that we feel can handle it the way we would.

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We build to code. It makes no difference if you are in a code-inspected zone or not, we still build them all to the International Residential Code. Most builders in our area have no idea what the code really means or how to implement it. When they build non-code compliant, you are the ones who pay the price. Dan Richter has Building Official Certification. Can you name any other builders who do? With this certification, it makes us better than the rest since we have knowledge on the job that no other builder does.

We work with your budget to achieve maximum quality and features that you want! If it is not possible, then we will let you know before you spend countless hours wasting your time! If we cannot meet your budget, then we will see what changes can be made, rather than start at the bottom and work our way up, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES! We have options, and will use them, but we start with what you want first.

Our approach to building is the kind of insurance that is not found in our industry. That is why we lead, not follow!